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6 Major Tips and Tricks to use Carousell efficiently and effectively

It’s about time for someone legit to write a Carousell guide. Short and Sweet. No gimmicks and no beating around the bush for this snap and sell app. I have been using Carousell for the past two years and have never been very successful until awhile ago. Ever since I develop my tactics to sell on Carousell, I made more than 200 deals and over 90+ Positive Reviews in a short span of 6 months and my house decluttered now. So here it is: basics, guidelines and foundations will be discussed in this Carousell guide.


• Part 1: Ethical Tips and Tricks – You are reading this now

• Part 2: Dirty Hacks and what to watch out for

Reads and Secrets:

• Part 3: Are you suited for Carousell?

• Part 4: Secrets revealed, where to get cheap goods to sell

Bump Feature

• Part 5: Utilising the Bump feature!

• Part 6: Carousell Nightmare: Hacks and Truths About Bumps

Guide for Buyers:

• Part 7: 7 Lobangs To Look Out For

1. Take a decent photo for your Carousell listing.

This one is easy. Do not only post a poor quality picture of your used/brand new item without editing the image. Humans are attracted to glitter so we MUST shower our photos with it too. Putting a simple filter such as food (highly recommended) makes your listing SO much more presentable to anyone surfing through the app or scrolling through your profile. Here’s an example:


Filters and lightings not just for selfies eh?

Guidesify's Team used to be called Cheapbuysg. This is one of the guides posted back then. We felt that it is helpful and imported it over. Enjoy!

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