My Life as a NSF clerk in Singapore (PES E)


Most Singaporean Sons serve as combatants. For those curious about what life is like for non-combatants, I shall share my NSF clerk experience (one of members in the Guidesify Team).

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Clerks, or a nicer official term – Admin Support Assistants, are rumoured to have a comfortable NS life?

Forenote: Some points are vague to avoid classified information. I served at a Brigade HQ. The experience of clerks in another level of the army may differ. My PES status was because of a legitimate body condition, but if you still want to be salty, I do not mind 🙂 


I was given a PES E status due to childhood reasons and my BMT was at Kranji Camp 3. Instead of taking ferries, we took the indented bus from Yew Tee MRT daily. Yup, it is the famous stay out BMT. No confinement hehe. No physical training, no “wife” and no outfield. BMT lasts for four weeks. Three weeks of lectures about army related topics (e.g., pay, ranks, some basic army rules) and one week of vocational training. There are tonnes of admin time for my batch which will usually be spent watching movies. Honestly, PES E BMT is not value adding.

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