Singaporean Guide to pass your Driving Test (TP)


Driving Test (TP)First things first, as said in my previous guide to getting your driving licence, this is just a sharing and I am NOT professional or qualified. Not even close. Even so, I still hope my guide will help you guys understand some of the mistakes testers always look out for, how not to commit them and good habits to have when practising driving. 

Get a Marking Scheme

First of all, as mentioned in the previous guide, it is highly recommended to get yourself a copy of the marking scheme used for the TP test. It is the same no matter which school you are from. Ask from your instructor, friends, family, or even camp in school, wait for some stranger who just took his/her test and borrow it to take a picture of it. This is your cheat-sheet and is also the same rubric you will be tested on.

With the cheat-sheet, read through everything and know the common mistakes to take note and not commit them. So how do you know the common mistakes? You have friends, Google, and most importantly you have your instructor. All you have to do is ASK. You do not want to commit stupid mistakes that you do not even know of, that maybe your instructor did not teach you (this applies especially to private). Like my instructor who never ever told me anything about changing lane at bends and I wasted precious points for nothing. Some other common mistakes are checking of blind-spots, failure to conform to safety, etc. (the most common mistakes are the failure to check ________)



Understanding the mistakes is simply not enough, because TP is a practical and not a theory test. As you try to understand all the mistakes on the cheat-sheet, the most important thing is to practice. Practice makes perfect (yeah cliché). Make it a habit to do the necessary actions to avoid any mistakes. practice it on every driving lesson, practice it in the toilet, practice on the bus or taxi, etc. Trust me. Most people fail because of that extra few points from these small actions.

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