HighBlood: SG Dating App So Disastrous It Might Not Even Launch

Yep, this is not a joke. Controversial Dating App named HighBlood founded by WKWSCI NTU Graduate Herbert Eng is aimed to target at the Singapore elitist market. Let’s take a closer look at the original ad and show you all the juicy stuff we found.

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It has generated so much backlash that it even made it to the Reddit Community:



And we all knows what will happen if it goes on to Reddit…




To answer all the angry netizens’ questions, he even made a FAQ which you can find it here. Or just take a look at the important parts we filtered out:

Seems like this app will not honour its claim even before launch when it is created to discriminate in the first place. We can safely say that anyyone will get accepted if one is patient enough. And S$100 (Cash Grab much)? Will people pay to get accepted into a community full of racists and elitists that will just swipe past banglas, maids, uglies?

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Is he suggesting Singaporeans to cheat now?

All Publicity is Good Publicity

Even though this controversial advertisement is receiving heavy criticism from online communities, it is probably the most attention HighBlood and Herbert Eng will ever receive. In this case, bad af publicity. But still an excellent marketing strategy. So well done, Hebert Eng.

But still, the Main Question is…

10/10 would gladly welcome his entry to LowBlood though.

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