Circles.Life: Consider This Before You Switch Your Telco

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With the sudden hype on Circles.Life due to their new promotion (20GB for S$20) going on, it is normal for any Singaporean to have the urge to switch their service provider. We too had some sleepless nights thinking whether hopping on the hype train is a good idea (Maybe a little exaggerated). Here’s a short list of factors to consider that may help you make a better decision now or in future.

Disclaimer: This is a non-technical article/review, and neither are we professionals in this area. The thought process or review will be organised into 5 simple steps. We will try to be as objective as we can.

Step 1: The Brief About Circles.Life

Is the new telco using their own infrastructure? For the case of Circles.Life, it is technically not our new telco as it is borrowing or leasing the infrastructure from M1. Hence, if your primary reason for switching is due to the regular breakdowns in your telco or poor network coverage in certain areas, be prepared to be very disappointed as these problems may not go away with the switch. 

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