Uber Vs Grab: A Complete Guide For Drivers Part 1


Drivers. A collective title, for different platforms. Existing or new, those who are considering to be a part-time driver to supplement your income, taking it as a past time while you source for your next job, or even for those thinking to make it your full-time career. This guide is for you!

This is part 1 of our complete guide for Grab/Uber drivers, navigation links for other parts are listed below.

Our Complete Guide for Grab vs. Uber Drivers:

Part 1 – About whether to drive for Uber or Grab (You are reading this now) 

Part 2 – About signing up

Part 3 – About types of riders

Other Grab/Uber Reads:

What Grab and Uber don’t tell you – Digging Deeper

A Short Message from Drivers to their Riders

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This guide is not your typical “earn $6000 a month!” kind of article, instead, we look beyond monetary value. If $6000 a month is possible, then you should understand the parameters behind how to earn that amount of income, or which company to drive with, anything that makes you a happier driver!

We decided to break the guide into parts, this part is more technical, the other parts will cover on the practicality of the applications, then there would be more about GOSSIP! Rider types, patterns and how some of them ‘play’ with the system. Remember to follow us HERE to get updates when the next article is published! Ultimately, we wish to provide you with information which might be advantageous to you, some may save you money!

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Disclaimer: We have consulted drivers in this area. We don’t like to beat around the bush so this article will be straight to the point. We will try to be as accurate as we can.

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