Uber vs Grab: A Complete Guide for Drivers Part 2


We are back with the second part of the guide for drivers, navigation links for other parts are listed below.

Our Complete Guide for Grab vs. Uber Drivers:

Part 1 – About whether to drive for Uber or Grab

Part 2 – About signing up (You are reading this now) 

Part 3 – About types of riders

Other Grab/Uber Reads:

What Grab and Uber don’t tell you – Digging Deeper

A Short Message from Drivers to their Riders

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Uber commissions are 20%. 28% for UberXL, for shared rides Uberpool, they take 10% if there are no matches for the 1st rider, and 30% off the fares if matched. Commissions are automatically deducted from the total fare. The application automatically deducts the commission and displays your earnings.

Grab commissions are 20% too. Grabshare has been consistently awarding incentives such as waiving the commission for rides with no matches, or an additional refund of the commission. Commissions are deducted from the credit account, where drivers have to top up whenever it has little value. The amount of money in the credit account cannot be withdrawn.

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