Uber Vs Grab: A Complete Guide For Drivers Part 3- About Riders


This is part 3 of our complete guide for Grab/Uber drivers, navigation links for other parts are listed below.

Our Complete Guide for Grab vs. Uber Drivers:

Part 1 – About whether to drive for Uber or Grab

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Part 3 – About types of riders (You are reading this now) 

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A Short Message from Drivers to their Riders

Disclaimer: We do know that the majority of riders are pleasant, this article would cover acts of least friendly riders a driver would encounter. We urge everyone to be more nice for their next ride. Let the kindness be passed around!

Before we start, get used to the term: “other drivers can, why you cannot”


Over Population

Grab bookings allow riders to do note taking. A Grab Driver may see notes from riders like 3 adults 2 children, 4 adults 1 child from those oblivious to the reason why the earlier driver rejected them. Often, Drivers will arrive at the pickup location to realise a family of 5-6 waiting, most of these people try their luck, because “other drivers can, why you cannot”. As a Grab driver you have only 2 options, affect your cancellation rate (CR) or bite the bullet.

For an MPV Driver, if they can convince riders to take the 6 seater ride instead, they can use the passenger application to calculate the fare, then get the rider to make the booking. As Grab awards bookings to the nearest grab driver, the current driver would likely get the booking.

Uber bookings, unless the rider messages the driver, only upon reaching would drivers realise what they have gotten into. With the cancellation fees, Uber drivers are better compensated.

Alternatively, for drivers on UberXL, they can convince the rider to take it and change the service accordingly.

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