Japan 10 Days Travel Blog (Warning: Get Your Calendars Ready to Plan a Trip there!)

Japan is one the most popular country people want to visit. It has great food, culture and entertainment! We just went to Japan, let’s have a look at the beautiful country!

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Day 1:

Nothing much on Day 1. A long plane ride to Japan on Delta Air. 

delta airlineglimpse of japan

Catching a glimpse of Japan.



narata airport

We took a Shinkansen (or bullet train) from Narita Airport to Tokyo. 


solar panel

Airbnb was the choice for accommodation due to it’s price. It was an eye opener of the interior of a house in Japan. We stayed in Shin Okubo, or what is commonly known as the Korean Town in Japan.

shin okubo

The busiest traffic light in the world, the Shibuya Crossing was pretty interesting. Man! It was crowded with people crossing the road and trying to take a picture. It is dangerous to take a photo in the middle of the road in our homeland, but it is perfectly normal here!

shibuya crossing 1

shibuya crossing

After some light shopping at Shibuya, dinner was in a restaurant at Shin Okubo. The tuna-don was really fresh.

tuna don

Going to Japan: Improving Your Navigation and Convenience (Don’t worry, it opens in a new tab)

Day 2

Early day to the Tsukiji Fish Market. Place where the freshest fish of all are sold at. If you want some good sashimi, this is the best place to come to. They had the live bidding of raw tunas interestingly. Honestly, this place is a food haven.

Tsukiji Fish Market 1


Tsukiji Fish Market 2

below are just a few delicacies. We can’t upload them all, the team is salivating thinking back about it.

beef slicetamago

Monster spotted! No seriously, it’s a Tuna, as a whole. It’s huge.

cutting tuna

Talking about size, I also spotted some huge crabs.

giant crab

The restaurant’s queue wasn’t too long there. Sushi for lunch before setting off for my next destination, it was the freshest sushi we ever had!

tsujuki fish market sushi

We walked through Ginza.


Seriously $200++ for a melon? 

expensive melons

A peek at the Tokyo Imperial PalaceThis place was huge. Surrounded by water, it must be hard to invade the castle in the past.

Tokyo Imperial Palace

There is a park at the west side of the castle. It is clean and relaxing. 

Tokyo Imperial Palace 2Tokyo Imperial Palace 3


There was still about a week before the cherry blossom blooms, but we managed to view those that bloomed early. Couples, you would love the scenery.

Tokyo Imperial Palace 4

The east side is referred to as the East Garden of Imperial Palace, it is where the main garden is. Probably the area where the emperor liked to chill at. The old structures are still there.


The picture above is a guardhouse. Guard duty, anyone?


Inside the garden, we had no idea what species they are, but they are beautiful.

flowerTokyo Imperial Palace 5

orangeTokyo Imperial Palace 6


Tokyo Imperial Palace beauty

We headed to the streets of Ginza.

ginza night

Ramen for Dinner, DUH!

japan ramenanti social

More shopping after that. Before sleeping, we had Yoshinoya for supper. Honestly, it was not too different from those in Singapore.


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