Adult Sites Made it to Singapore’s Top 50 Most Visited Sites

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Yep, you heard it right. It is so easy for us to use the Internet in this day and age, be it on your mobile phones or the computer in the living room. Due to the increased accessibility of the Internet in Singapore, the amount of web traffic to Adult sites is unquestionably alarming. Take a look at Similarweb rankings of Singapore’s top 50 most visited sites, and you will notice something unusual. 4 Adult sites or rather, porn sites, have made it to the list of websites alongside giants like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. If you didn’t know by now, 30 percent of the Internet is flooded with adult content.

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Here are the 4 Adult sites/Porn sites which made it to the list currently:


• Xnxx (18)

• Tumblr (19) (2nd most popular use for Tumblr is adult content)

• Xvideos (21)

• Xhamster (23)

• Pornhub (33)

As some of you might know (How would you know actually?), some of these sites are blocked by Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). 

further analysis of these statistics is done on the next page.

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