Chinese Comics Or Manhua In Newspapers Used To Be A Thing

Newspaper Chinese Comics Manhua 2

Way before social media and tech gadgets were a thing, traditional forms of media such as newspapers and television were our primary sources of information back in the 1990s. Millions of readers would flock to their doorsteps and pick up the papers first thing in the morning. 联合早报 (lian he zao bao) and 联合晚报 (lian he wan bao), which catered and is still catering to the Chinese audiences, had one section that was once our #1 favourite: Chinese Comics or rather, Manhua. Let us take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy some nostalgia.

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Humble Beginnings of Chinese Comics

Chinese Comics was a daily section in the Chinese newspapers more than two decades ago. It was a huge trend, and hundreds of artists would submit their masterpieces in hopes of getting featured. Payout rates were low, but the exposure was what these artists needed. According to one comics artist, getting accepted was an incredibly tedious process at the beginning. However, it had gotten easier for him upon acceptance of his first work and eventually became a regular contributor to the comic strips.

Chinese Comics is still a small part of lian he zao bao today. Sadly, it is published only on a weekly basis. Check out a few of these newspaper cut-outs below and enjoy some light humour.

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Chinese Comics Manhua #1


Chinese Comics Manhua #2


Chinese Comics Manhua #3


Chinese Comics Manhua #4


Chinese Comics Manhua #5-min

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