Carousell Singapore Buyer’s Guide: 7 Unique Listings and Must Buys

Carousell Singapore must buys lobangs


After concluding a comprehensive 6-part series guide on Carousell Singapore, Guidesify recognises that it lacks in content for consumers, who are a vital part of the platform. For part 7 of our Carousell Singapore guide, we will unveil exclusive items and subscriptions services that may fascinate you. These are listings that buyers are likely to be unaware of but are the gold, or rather, lobangs that should not be missed.

#UPDATE July 2018 Disclaimer: Carousell has updated its terms and conditions and has listed more products/services as restricted items. This includes Supernatural items or services (e.g. Spells, curses, hexing, potions), Digital subscriptions and accounts for streaming services, including, but not limited to, cable TV, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc., and illegal job listings. You may no longer purchase these items on Carousell.

1. Digital Products: Netflix, Spotify, Microsoft Office, Anti-Virus, etc.

Carousell Singapore Netflix Spotify

We will start with the juiciest items. It is no secret that Carousell Singapore is powerless in stopping prohibited listings from appearing on its platform all the time. Search Netflix or Spotify under the search bar and tonnes of listings will be displayed in the results. Initially, these subscriptions were priced at an insanely low S$1 per Netflix/Spotify account. However, as more Carousellers get to know of this lobang, the prices of these accounts began to surge naturally. As of today, prices for Netflix and Spotify accounts are as stated:

• Netflix Standard Account – S$7, S$15 for use on two devices

• Netflix Ultra HD – S$25

• Spotify Lifetime Premium upgrade to own account- S$25

The sellers of these accounts also give a lifetime guarantee out of goodwill. Sounds too good to be true? Search and see it with your own eyes.

Side Note: One particular seller who shall not be named also sells secrets on how to get full refunds on Amazon items. Guidesify shall reemphasise the risks of engaging in such activities in prohibited items and will not be held responsible for any consequences.

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