25 Anime That Deserve A Watch!


The popularity of Japanese anime has remained high amongst Singapore teenagers and young adults over the years. While some enjoy Netflixing and chilling during their free time, many others prefer watching anime on their couches. This could be due to some reasons such as shorter episodes or crazier and more insane content since it’s… animated.

Big names like Dragonball, One Piece, and Naruto will be excluded in our list of anime that deserves a watch.

Action anime to keep your heart beating

Akame Ga Kill! 


(Credits: Studio White Fox)

In Akame Ga Kill, the Revolutionary Army is staging an uprising with the Empire. Night Raid, an assassination branch of the Revolutionary Army, is struggling to overthrow the Empire who oppress the poverty-stricken civilians. There are many cool battle scenes in the anime, and you can expect lots of blood to be spilt.

Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia


(Credits: Studio Bones)

Over the years, humans develop “Quirks” which grants them superpowers. This lead to a rise of a new job called “Heroes” However, some unlucky few are unable to develop quirks and thus are deemed as powerless. Izuku Midoriya is one such individual. However, he has always wanted to be a hero like his idol All Might, the #1 hero. Izuku did not give up and continued to train hard, hoping to become a hero one day. After some events, All Might chooses Izuku as his successor and trains him. Izuku then enrolled into UA High, a well-known school to train heroes. And of course, there will be no heroes if villains don’t exist 🙂 Be prepared to witness tonnes of explosive battles with many unique superpowers.

Kill La Kill


(Credits: Studio Trigger)

Kill la Kill has a unique art style. But that shouldn’t stop you from watching this anime. In Kill la Kill, the protagonist Ryuuko Matoi is searching for the father’s killer. With the aid of Senketsu, a God Clothes, Ryuuko is able to cause rampage at the prestigious Honnouji Academy. The school is ruled by the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, who controls the Elite Four. If you still wondering, yes the God clothes grants the wearer with immense power. Many action-packed fights will take place as Ryuuko battles her way up to reach Satsuki to uncover the truth behind her father’s death.

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