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Veteran Carousell Singapore Seller Spills the Beans (Cheap Goods)

I am a Carousell seller ever since Carousell Singapore began and had quit after reading the original article: Carousell Online isn't for everyone, maybe even you? But that's not the main point of my sharing today. After earning a substantial amount of pocket money from Carousell Singapore all these years, I would like to give back…

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Japan 10 Days Travel Blog (Warning: Get Your Calendars Ready to Plan a Trip there!)

Japan is one the most popular country people want to visit. It has great food, culture and entertainment! We just went to Japan, lets have a look at the beautiful country! *Allow page to load fully before scrolling, it is worth it* Follow us on Facebook! Day 1: Nothing much on Day 1. A long plane ride to Japan…


A PES E Case Study (National Service in SG)

Having read the article about life as a PES E clerk (Original Article Here), I would also like to share a short story about my personal experience as an Army clerk in Singapore. Disclaimer: Story was not written by Guidesify Team. It was sent in by a fan. You too can submit your stories here. The PES E Beginnings. I am…