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Personal Data Protection – Crucial Importance to your Safety

Personal data is anything which can identify you as an individual. Typical examples include your NRIC, telephone number, home address and email address. The world is becoming digitalised where the transmission and exchange of data are increasingly rampant. Protecting your personal information is, therefore, of great importance. Unfortunately, personal data protection is a relatively new…

Facebook Instant Articles and Unruly

Publishers – When to Use Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles, a mobile publishing format, has always been an option open to all publishers since 2016. It has been a free alternative way of delivering news articles on Facebook ever since. As proven, Instant Articles are a lot faster than the traditional link posts. However, this insane speed of news delivery comes at a cost…

Carousell Singapore
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Veteran Carousell Singapore Seller Spills the Beans (Cheap Goods)

I am a Carousell seller ever since Carousell Singapore began and had quit after reading the original article: Carousell Online isn't for everyone, maybe even you? But that's not the main point of my sharing today. After earning a substantial amount of pocket money from Carousell Singapore all these years, I would like to give back…