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Guidesify Travel Series – Etiquette and Manners for Tourists: Thailand

About Thailand Thailand is popularly known as the land of smiles. The tropical beaches, street food and sacred temples are no wonder the country is experiencing a tourism boom. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has made an announcement that the country had received 32.59 million foreign visitors in the year 2016. In a country with…

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Things You Can Do To Prevent Wannacry and Other Viruses

In one of our previous posts, you have learnt about some methods to enhance your security online. The recent episode of the Wannacry ransomware infecting over 230,000 computers in 150 countries serves as a reminder that we are never too safe online. This article will mainly focus on how you can prevent getting infected by these malicious files.…

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Japan 10 Days Travel Blog (Warning: Get Your Calendars Ready to Plan a Trip there!)

Japan is one the most popular country people want to visit. It has great food, culture and entertainment! We just went to Japan, lets have a look at the beautiful country! *Allow page to load fully before scrolling, it is worth it* Follow us on Facebook! Day 1: Nothing much on Day 1. A long plane ride to Japan…

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American Airlines – The Full Story Behind Incident

With the recent United Airlines Incident, some people are becoming paranoid of flying. Now, a video of a woman flying on American Airlines sobbing went viral. The Incident The woman's side of the story was that the flight attendant removed her stroller and hit her with it. After that, the male flight attendant also started…