Why you should Never Trust Cheap/Free Hosting Services

Every single post I write is based on my real experience. For this article, I shall share my experience of hosting my site with a hosting service called Note that there are some affiliate links for selected host services.

Background Info

Freenom used to be a few hosting services namely,, etc. but it collaborated awhile back and became It claims to offer you free domain names (.tk) which you can own it yourself or premium domains (.com .net) at cost price (roughly 8USD per year). Currently, I have NO problems with their domain registration services, but I’m here to talk about their bogus hosting service.

Freenom launched a free hosting service back in 2014 which is a simple drag and drop website builder. It is easy to use and can create relatively fanciful sites for $0 a month. However, this free plan only allows you to own 1 Page and 1 Blog. So if you’re looking into posting more pages or even an e-commerce cart (which can’t be compared at all to premium hosting sites such as Shopify, Weebly, Wix, etc.), subscription fees of up to 9.99USD per Month can be purchased.


Sounds good huh? Well it’s not…here’s why!


1. You get what you paid for.

In this case, you paid nothing, so there are many strings attached to your free domain. Firstly, freenom can seize your domain anytime they want even if you didn’t violate any rules. This means that once your site gains enough web traffic (or value), freenom can take your free domain away as take it as their own for their gain without warning. I’m not sure if they do the same to paid domains, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.


2. Inadequate support

Somehow, free services seem to have a direct correlation with bad service. Freenom customer service is so bad that you would probably have to do and resolve every problem by yourself. Premium domain and hosting services on the other hand always have 24/7 customer service and always know the context of every situation. Problems are usually attended to within ten mins with those A+ registrars.

Look at my ticket to freenom support:




They are never going to reply man…


3. 100% uptime not guaranteed.

When I hosted my site with freenom GoSite, the fancy looking site I created went down within six days and the site was disabled by freenom for no apparent reason. Not a very good thing at all if you’re thinking of setting up a professional site. Fortunately, I got my site back up fairly quick with another free and more recognized service which I will cover another day.

 Strangely… It came back up after a few days

Never going to re-enable that shit….




So unless you want a site that will give you a whole lot of frustration, lots of downtimes, getting your domain taken away from your hands after months of effort, use those free services. If not try one of these (Some are Discounted Links in which I am an affiliate)

I hope you enjoyed reading my experience (sadistic much?). I offer setting up very basic sites(domain, hosting, security, essential features of a website, etc.) for you at only $200 a year in which you can regularly post content and manage your site from there on with zero knowledge. Contact me if you’re interested and please share the article!
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