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SGuide to Getting Your Driver’s License

Finally reached legal age and want to get a Driver’s Licence but don’t know how to start?

In this article, I will try to help you understand the flow of how to get your driver’s licence and let you make an informed decision in taking lessons as a Private or School candidate. I will share some tips from my personal experience that may help you too.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, and this is just a sharing of my knowledge. This guide may not be 100% accurate, but it was just how the process went for me.

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I was a manual transmission (Class 3) private student at BBDC, passing my driving test on the first try and spent a total of around $1.2-1.3k, clocking 22.5 hrs of lessons in slightly less than two months since BTT & PDL. If you have no idea about what you have just read, it’s okay. Read on, and I believe you will be enlightened.

Step 1. Registering at School

First thing to do…enrolling at a school, regardless of whether you choose to be a private or school candidate.

  • Head down to any school convenient to you to register yourself. 
  • Bring along your NRIC or passport. 
  • Registering is compulsory so you can book tests that are required – BTT, FTT, Driving test. 
  • After registration, I highly recommend that you top up your account with at least $46 ($33 for driving test and $6.50 x2 theory tests, NOT including additional registration fees) immediately. You will eventually need it as all bookings from then on will be online.

Important Information: 

Register as a private or school candidate. You may have heard about the passing rates and costs of school / private, so continue reading on in part 4 and you will find out more. 

You will also have to choose either Automatic or Manual transmission (Class 3A or 3). I will not bore you with the details but all you need to know is Manual (Class 3) is the one where you have to change gears yourself with the gear stick and clutch, while Auto (Class 3A) is the one where you only need to brake and accelerate.

The Class 3 Licence allows you to drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. But usually, Class 3A takes a shorter time to complete than Class 3 (for private at least), as automatic cars are easier to handle than manual.

*WARNING – any bookings online or registering/applying at schools for PDL/Driving License or (QDL – qualified driving license) may have a long waiting time.

Guidesify's Team used to be called Cheapbuysg. This is one of the guides posted back then. We felt that it is helpful and imported it over. Enjoy!

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