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Wearing Shirts With Jeans: The Lazy Man’s Guide To 6 Different Combinations

Wearing shirts with jeans. It is a classic combo that sounds simple enough but gets trickier when it comes to execution because there are so many possibilities. Here, we work out seven combinations of wearing shirts with jeans so you can jump the trial and error and go straight to having the skills to pay the bills.

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Firstly, the Jeans

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In general, darker shades fall at the formal end of the spectrum while lighter denim has more laid-back vibes about them. When it comes to fit and if you want a no-brainer, slim-cut jeans that skim the legs tend to be the most versatile and flattering. You get some polish without sacrificing comfort, and can instantly go from Friday at the office to a smart-casual cocktail bar do without much effort. Skinny jeans can seem polished and urbane, but they remain more proper for informal events. As for baggier, comfy fits, when in doubt, just keep them for the weekends. Rips, patches, and faded denim are, needless to say, for times when you answer to no one but yourself.

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